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Women And Weight Gain Yeast.

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Yeast is a little pill that women back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s would take to shape their body, because curvy women were fashionable at that time. Skinny women then would try anything to add a few pounds more on; they wanted to be on demand or on the spot light also. In this vintage print advertisement, they introduce a new product Yeast; not only Yeast helped women gain weight but also it gave them a clearer and younger looking skin. By brewing Yeast women hoped are to be curvy, be more elegant, attractive and beautiful. Beside the fascinating result of the Yeast this advertisement also has a sexual connotation in it.
In this vintage print advertisement, there is a picture of a middle age Caucasian woman standing on the right side of the page. She has short brown curly hair and red lipsticks on. She is wearing a two pieces bathing suit on. The top covers only the front, it ties on her neck with the back opens showing her long lean arms. In the bottom she has a short little pant on, that reveals her flat belly and her curvy shape. She is standing with her two hands on her hips toward her back. Right in front of her face, there is a monologue box with big, bold and capitalize words inside that reads:” MEN WOULDN’T LOOK AT ME WHEN I WAS SKINNY”. Further down the texts continue but in medium and bold this time “but… Since I gained 10 pounds This New,
Rigaud 2
Easy Way I Have All the Dates I Want”. The rest of the texts were in smaller prints on the lower left corner.
The woman standing is a sign of power and confidence, she has a great pride and she is happy of the way she is looking now. She is using her new body to date as many men as she wants something that she could not done when she was skinnier. In the advertisement the woman clearly states “Since I Gained 10 pounds this New, Easy Way I Have All the Dates I Want” . By her showing her curvy body in that two pieces of bathing gives a sexual tone to the advertisement which will eventually attract both males and females viewers. In the picture it’s like she is putting herself out there hoping all the men could take a glance of her new curvy body after she gained 10 pounds extra using this Yeast product.
In the article “The hard to Sell: Advertising in America, Bill Bryson believes “The great thing about a slogan was that it didn’t have to be accurate to be effective” (p.400), first thing they put out is that monologue box in bold black ,bigger size and capitalize letters that can grab everyone attention “MEN...

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