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Women Are Represented In Many Ways, Some Positive And Some Not So Flattering.

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English essayWomen are represented in many ways, some positive and some not so flattering.Explore this statement with reference to at least two stories from your booklet and at least one related text of your own choosing. In your essay, you should include an analysis of the techniques used by the composer to shape meaning.Through an analysis of various texts, it becomes evident that in today's society, that women can be represented in a variety of ways. A negative representation illustrates how women's values are being equated from their sexuality and appearance, rather than their natural qualities and personality. This is portrayed through two of my chosen texts types. The first, an advertisement produced by Budweiser Beer, and secondly through a short story called Melissa by Nicole Pluss. Positive representations of women can be portrayed through an assertive, independent manor, and even with qualities that would normally be associated with males. This is evident through my third and final text type, a short story called The Drover's Wife by Henry Lawson. It presents women as capable, individual, strong and courageous, contrasting to those images of women who have been sexually objectified and exploited. All of these observations are made from societal conceptions of women, and further emphasizes that they are represented in many ways.Budweiser Beer have created an advertisement that produces a negative and deconstructive representation of women, portraying them only worthy for their 'hot' and appealing looks. Within their company, they have produced numerous advertisements to promote their products, incorporating and representing women in a number of them. This particular advertisement's image of Brianna Glenn in nothing more than a bikini and heels, produced in 2008, represents women in a negative way as an object that you can consume, just as you can consume beer. They have created a setting to catch the attention of men who find this image appealing by using sexual images to sell their product. The sexual objectification of women is very much apparent here. It shows the idealistic characteristics of the appearances of women rather than presenting their personality and social values. This advertisement implies that one almost requires Budweiser beer to be happy by using the technique of sexual persuasion to attract men. They have used bright colours including yellow and red to catch attention and promote their product. Budweiser have used the advertising technique of pathos - persuasion through emotions. Americans are passionate about the Olympics and this advertisement suggests that by supporting Budweiser - a lead sponsor, they are supporting the U.S Olympic team. The advertisement has been taken at a camera angle at eye level which creates a sense of equality and likeness between the viewer and the product. In summary, I believe that this representation of women lowers their standards and presents them as being less important and real in...

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