Women Are Soldiers. Two Very Influential Figures Yousafzai Malala And Samantha Nutt. English Essay

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Women are soldiers.
A few years ago I remember going to a gathering with my mother where a women spoke passionately about her experience in South Africa. She told us that she had worked with a group of girls who could not go to school as they were not permitted. Their sole job was stay at home, and run the household affaires. That seriously got me thinking on how lucky and privileged I was to grow up getting and education. It also opened my mind to the fact that I was blinded by my own life to even think for one minute that there are girls my age who are struggling every day just to go to school. Our world is still faces the horror that is injustices among our sexes, but lucky for us there are people who have taken a stand to better our world.
Two very influential figures Yousafzai Malala and Samantha Nutt are both powerful women fighting for similar causes. Both women have had first-hand experience with injustice towards women particularly in Pakistan and Somalia where they have been present. Yousafzai and Nutt are two women who are fighting for women’s rights in country’s that face a lot of problems with extremist groups. These groups are closed minded towards the prospect of women getting an education or doing anything that allows them to...

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