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Women Being Included In Military Combat

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On June 12, 1948 the bill renamed “Women’s Armed Services Integration Act” was signed by President Truman. This allowed women to enlist in the military once between the ages of 18 to 35 and those who were below the age of 20 needed parental or guardian consent. Women started off as nurses, then soldiers, and now there are female spies and snipers. If women are allowed to join the military, they should also be allowed to be included in military combat. Enlisting allows them to get a stable job, get an opportunity for advancement and there will be voluntary enlistment.

Being able to get a stable job is not easy at present times. Everyone wishes that they can obtain a stable job, like ...view middle of the document...

They have dealt with lethal ammunition and operated urbane systems, while being in charge of both women and men in combat. Once women meet the physical and mental criteria, they are proficient, trained war fighters and leaders. For military assignments and duties, based on the training, experience and leadership potential should consider women, in completing a task of an assign project.

The military does not presently operates under a Selective Service Act, so any personnel enlisted has done it voluntary. Females aren’t indoctrinated to join, it is a personal decision and combat should be included as part of their duties. The decision shouldn’t be called to conclusion due to gender. Their performance criterion should be based on empirically elements of their duties, not on matter of opinion. “It’s our hope that through each of the initiatives media we can bring together broad audience military and civilian, young and old liberal and conservative,” stated Laura Browder in her novel. These women are enlisting...

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