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Women Changing The View Of The Military

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The military has mostly been dominated by men; the women have also had history of military success. For example, during the second world war, the women were mostly serving as nurses (Manila Bulletin). Women have come far from being nurses during world war II to being able to hold any positions. Some women can be in almost any position. Now women are found on the fronts lines. Also, during World War II, women who were nurses at Pearl Harbor came into a combat situation in which they were to engage and kill the enemy (Manilla Bulletin). An increase of women in the military has impacted the military by having different job roles, expanding military positions, and increasing more ...view middle of the document...

For the first time, women finally had the full status of men as well as other benefits. Also, women served in non-traditional jobs such as: paratroopers riggers, aircraft mechanics, and intelligence (New York Times). At home, women were considered second class citizens and property of their husbands. Recently, women’s roles have expanded and they now can be deployed and be on the front lines (Global Issues). Women were also recruited in case of emergencies. Men argued that women were not physically strong as men. In addition, women also affected the military globally. For example, in the Netherlands, women have a huge role in their Royal Armed Forces. Also, in Israel when women turn 18, they are able to join the military (Global Issues). In 2011, the Pentagon and the military recommendation to end combat expulsion for women going onto the front lines (New York Times).
Secondly, women affect the military by having different types of job role, women have been trying to get a good position for many years from wanting to be tank operators to trying to get into combat. For example, during World War II women were mainly nurses but now they work at almost any combat position. Also, the military made branches for all women during World War II. (New York Times). Women could not be in combat positions during the early wars. For example during the World War I and the World War II women were not allowed on the front lines. However they can get special permission from the high rank officers. Women were mostly nurses in the world war II but some were spies, or tank mechanics (New York Times). In addition, women also could not be on the front lines even though historically women were generals and another high military ranks. Congress had a law that stated that women could not be on the front lines which was in 2006 by Congress. ( New York Times). Also, congress and the military said that it is harder for women to get into the male units. There were 10,000 women that served in Afghanistan and Iraq and they have multiplied by 15 percent in the last 10 years. (New York Times)
Lastly how women impacted the military is by getting attracting sexual assaults. A Pentagon reporter stated that there were 83 women and 7 men that have been subjected to assault...

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