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Women Deserve To Be Assigned Combat Roles In The Military

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Physical differences between men and women come up in careers such as the military. The military career requires great responsibility, dedication, and sacrifice. The key to achieving a good performance in this field is to have an excellent physical ability. Women with physical training can exceed men without physical training. In addition, women have to have great value to develop this type of careers. The equality and teamwork are two fundamental reasons too. Over the years, it has been thought that man is the only one able to do this work. However, a woman can be better prepared physically that a man. Therefore, women deserve to be assigned combat roles in the military.
A few decades ago the role of women in society was to perform household chores and the care of children. Today there are thousands of women working as military. Physical differences between men and women are remarkable. Hypothetically, the physical capacities of women are lower than of man, because the man is stronger, taller, and has more muscles than women. Women usually are smaller, have less strength and have less body weight. Therefore it is thought that women are weaker than men. However, this is not true; women are physically well trained, and have the physical capacity necessary to develop in this field. It is important to be well trained physically because training increases physical capacity and develops the strength, speed, and endurance. Women with physical training can exceed men without physical training. Helping and serving the community is the dream of many women, the physical differences between men and women do not prevent women from working in this field. In general, I believe that women can be an example to the whole society, and can proudly represent their country.
I think that, the women should go to war because they train for the same thing as men. If a woman decides to enter combat, she knows she could die, and her emotional state is ready for what she going to see in combat. The physical capacity of women is underrated; many people think that women cannot perform the same work as a man, which is a mistake. The women can carry their own weight for the same thing as men. Military work, is dangerous and difficult for both men and women. When an adversary on the battlefield decides to attack, he attacks either men or women. Both men and women can equally save lives. Furthermore, it is a mistake to think that women are more likely to be caught and raped by an adversary than men. In my view this is not true because in the military courses are taught in self-defense and resolution of problems. Women, whom are physically trained, can match or beat men who also are physically trained. War is a terrible thing, but if a woman wants to voluntarily join and fight for her country, she should be able to. United States have laws that support equality. If these laws are ignored, may be considered illegal. So in my opinion, women should be allowed in combat, although...


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