Women Desires Expressed Based On Their Relationship With Their Husbands

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The relationship with of between a women and her husband tends to hold a great amount of significance to the way they interact with each other and express their desires. However, literature tends to favor the male perspective or even minimize the relationship between a husband and wife. Within South Asian literature, it is hard to see a realistic representative of women desires in a husband wife relationship but short stories such as Wings by Ambai and Band Ghari by Gaura Pant, allows one to see how each wife interacts with her husband and how their desires manifest from given interactions. Ambai’s Wings is about Chaya’s relationship with her penny pinching husband Bkaskaran, who expresses no emotions towards his wife and son. On the other hand, Pant’s Band Ghari explores the relationship between Maya and her tyrant husband Girish. Both women grow unhappy with their marriage in which similarity can be seen through their suffering; however their reaction to their suffering varies.
Firstly, there is the clear evidence that both women feel as if they are unhappy in their marriage. This unhappiness is important to both characters as it leads them to find a way to escape their suffering and be free in their own sense. For Chaya, there is a desire to spread her “wing” but to do so she thought of the one thing that forbidden to Hindu women; Chaya planned on leaving her husband and creating new life for herself (Ambai 48). Maya plan to escape from her suffering is based upon a hastily decision after reading an article about a young women who had killed herself to escape her husband. However, it is important to note that their unhappiness stems from different aspects of their relationships with their husband and therefore leads them to the decision they make.
Chaya’s suffering differs from Maya’s. Chaya begins to suffer in her marriage when she begins to realize that her husband is unromantic, cruel and tight with money. Chaya often finds escape in her imagination to make up for the lack of romantic response her husband gives her. “[There are] times like this she imagined odd things. If Sivaji Ganesan were to say the same thing to Saroja Devi in a movie, what would Saroja Devi do? She would go and stand by the window and sing a song entitled, ‘The arrow piercing my heart’.” (Ambai 34) This passage shows how even after ten years of marriage she still hope to see some response to her husband. There is a change in her imagination from when she first married. “There had been the daydreams about hurting her fingers while slicing vegetables. With a smile, [Bkaskaran] would bandage them for her. One day he would slap her … across her back. Not for any her fault of hers.” (35) She no longer daydreams of innocent things like the movies showed in which the wife’s suffering was superficial and...

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