Women Earn Less Money Than Men

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Today, women are not treated unequal to men in their society. Women often have been sexually harassed at work. Women are forced to have sex with the men when they do not want to have sex. Furthermore, many American people think that women should stay at home and do the housework. Many working women need to spend time for their families. Therefore, they do not have much time to participate for jobs. As the result, some women cannot do well in their jobs, so they can lose their jobs. One of the biggest issues between men and women is that women earn less money than men in American workplace. The unequal pay between men and women is not discrimination in the labor market, but the differences in the choices that men and women make about investing in their knowledge, their expectations of jobs, their thinking about families, and their job experiences that lead to them getting paid different salaries.
Women are more successful in school more than men. Women often receive higher education than men. According to the article "Gender Inequality in the Workplace", “For the Harvard Class of 2006, 55% of the women graduated with honors while barely half of the men did so. In 2009, once again roughly 55% of women were awarded honors degrees compared with 51% of men. At Florida Atlantic University, not only did women make up 64% of the graduating class in 2006, they also received 75% of the honors degrees and 79% of the highest honors. According to census figures released in April 2011, among the population age 25 to 29, 36% of women had a bachelor degree or more, compared with 28% of men.” However, women and men make about investing in their knowledge very differently. Men tend to go into fields like engineering; women tend to go into social sciences, nursing, psychology, and teacher. As the result men are making higher salaries than women. According to the article “College Degrees With the Highest Starting Salaries”, “The average salaries of Engineering $63,000; Computer Science $60,000, Business $54,000, Communications $43,000, Education $40,000; Humanities and Social Sciences $37,000”. Even though men and women may have same years of schooling, the different choices they have made about their majors lead them working in different areas and getting paid differently.
Men and women have different expectations about work. According to the video "Do Women Earn Less than Men?" Steve Horwitz says “For example, if women expect down the road to take time off to raise the children, they will make different choices about what kinds of skills they acquire than if they imagine they will be working full time for the rest of their lives. And now we know, historically, that many women in the 1960s and 70s did not imagine that they would be working full time at age 40 and ended up making choices that led them to have jobs when they were working at age 40 that did not pay as well as it might have otherwise. Younger women today, of course, are more likely to imagine...

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