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Women Equality In A Male Dominated World

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March 8th of every year marks International Woman’s day. It is meant to display respect, appreciation and love towards women, and also tribute women all over for their economic, political, and social achievements. During World War I and II women proved they were a force to be reckoned with because they were able to keep the economy running while the men were away at war. At that time women took all sorts of jobs that were only offered to men; which was unheard of during that time. The consequence for the same work was very low pay.
It wasn’t until the passage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 where workplace rights were recognized. The act states employers may not discriminate ...view middle of the document...

There are three types of Women Inequality in the Workplace: Wage Discrimination, Motherhood, and Sexual Harassment/ Discrimination. Back in 2010 the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report states that the United States ranked number 19 in terms of gender equality. Statistics show a Women’s average salary in 2012 was $37,791 compared with $49,398 for men. Women are completing at a higher rate of higher education than men.
Employment and income inequality remain between the two genders. Women can sue their employers if they can prove that a male in the same position earns higher wages. Why does the gender gap still exist present day? The answer is simply that fields that attract women the most tend to pay less. The female dominated industries that attract about a third of women are education and healthcare. Still men make more money even if there is a female majority.
According to a USA Today article Women earn less for a several reasons, experts say college majors, occupation and the number of hours they work. Now women still tend to enter lower-paid fields such as education and social sciences, while men typically major in engineering and computer science. Participation in certain fields also factors the social dynamic. Part of the problem is some people still perceive certain jobs more fitting for women than men. It will take some time to have a fair pay for women however there are some things women can do to improve their chances for equality in wages. Women can negotiate their salary since studies show they aren’t likely to do so. In addition women can choose different majors in college that pay more such as computer science, math, and engineering.
The price of Motherhood in the workplace can make or break your career according to many women present day. Even with the US Pregnancy Discrimination Act stating it was made to protect women who go on Maternity leave. Women present day often feel pressure when it comes to their careers to pass opportunities that require overtime and travel for the sake of their families. Women often get overlooked for promotions since they have to take the majority responsibility when it comes to maintaining the household. Some women who don’t have children don’t even express the want of someday having a family because it may ruin their chances in advancement in a company.
Back in 1974 the Cleveland Board of Education vs LaFleur was one of the first cases involving Women discrimination in the workplace. Teachers Jo Carol LaFleur and Ann Elizabeth Nelson were forced to take the mandatory maternity leave. They were told to take maternity leave without pay for five months before the anticipated birth. It stated that the teacher is not promised re-employment after birth, but is given priority in reassignment to an eligible position. Failure to comply with the rule is ground for release. The mandatory maternity leave rules for the pregnant teachers violated the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment. The end...

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