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Women For Hire Essay

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Victims get paid for sex, therefore prostitution is work to these women. Gerdes believes prostitution is much like a job, jobs involve money and set prices (63). If prostitution becomes a job we get into the complications of taxes, income, bills, and paperwork, keeping in mind these victims are only selling their bodies. The website article “Prostitution” offers information regarding percentages of men paying for sex, standing at alone in the United States 10 to 20 percent have hired a victim and paid for sex at least once in their life time. Gerdes states, “Sex is one of the most wholesome, spiritual and natural things money can buy. Like all games, it becomes more interesting when played ...view middle of the document...

” This so called job can be very risky and dangerous. In the book “Prostitution and Pornagraphy” Spector discusses the dangers a woman selling her body could encounter. If a victim disagrees to sex she could be beaten or harmed in many ways, unfortunately, law enforcement and the court do not treat these cases seriously (33). Their views on prostitution are negative and believe it shouldnlt be going on, in that case enforcers main focus isn’t on crimes brought from prostitution coincidences.
Danger does not only occur from rape or death, danger also can become a problem if one partner has a sexually transmitted disease. Health issues can develop mentally and physically. Physical health is an important aspect when partaking in sex. Sexually transmitted diseases are serious issues that prostitutes and pimps are at high risk of being infected. STD’s are passed on from partner to partner, people with more than one sex partner are at higher risk that ones with few sex partners. Therefore, West declares, health is a vital issue for workers in the sex industry (“Collectivities and the Politics of Regulations”). Sexually transmitted diseases can sometimes result in death. According to the website article “Prostitution” some couples in the sex industry are unwilling to use condoms, putting each partner at a higher risk of a sexually transmitted disease. Also, some men will refuse to use protection and pay a higher cost. As a result, women and men who have unprotected sex have higher risks of disease and unhealthy lifestyles. Health issues are a lot like a life-line to prostitutes.
Physical health is not the only downfall of selling your body. Mental health is just as strong if not worse than physical health. The website article “Prostitution” offers that woman selling their bodies for sex are at high risk of being diagnosed with anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Victims are allowing men to abuse their bodies and do as they please just for a few bucks. An emotional attachment to a partner is also a dilemma for sex workers. Self-exploitation is growing tremendously, therefore, woman's’ risks of harm are larger than ever.
Self-exploitation is unsafe and wrong, no matter the circumstance. Not only is every way around prostitution illegal, it is also dangerous to the sex workers getting involved. Gerdes gives us inspiring words from her book, “The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less” (62). Sex is not only about the pleasure, it is about two partners wanting it and simply sharing something special. Society has made men believe women can be tossed around like toys. Selfish pimps only look at women as...

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