Women Have More Power Than Men In The Novel. Do You Agree?

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Hisham Matar’s Novel, In the Country of Men, illustrates women in “a world full of men and the greed of men” and living in a patriarchal society their role, is one of being submissive to men. Women are not given equal privileges and entitlement. The reader sees this through the nine year old narrator Suleiman and how he views the world around him. However, Matar’s novel contains various surprising examples of feminine power. At that time the Libyan regime is under male power with absolute control by the dictator The Guide, Colonel Quaddfi. Under the regime of the Guide, it is evident that women, such as Najwa, feel powerless with the final decision making outside of the household duties, ...view middle of the document...

The Guide had absolute authority over his Libyan people and his ruthlessness is demonstrated throughout the novel particularly when Ustath Rashid is forcefully taken away from his family for going against the Guide. Soon after, his persecution is telecast live on television which horrifies the young Suleiman. Najwa who is fearful and has genuine concern for her husband and family bravely approaches Um Masoud a neighbour who she had not spoken to many times to rescue her husband. All her life Najwa accepts the events which occurred around her, and now, she possesses the power in her to protect her family. This demonstrates that there is more feminine power than male power. [the second part of this paragraph seems to have nothing to do with the topic - the Guide's absolute authority]
The text also explores how the right of marriage of a female is taken into hands by the elder male in the family without any concerns towards the daughter and marry a man who she never met or spoken and to live her rest of the life in a deplorable position. Najwa understood women don’t have any privileges, not even choosing when to get married, showing her situation of feeling utterly powerless and this redirects to the point that, ‘only’ men have the power in this society. All throughout Najwa’s life she felt powerless, betrayed and denied of her freedom. We often find Najwa retelling her horrific flashback of the ‘black day’...

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