Women Have The Right To Choose Abortion

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Women Have the Right to Choose Abortion

An abortion is a woman's option to terminate a pregnancy. It is an induced
miscarriage. Abortion has become an extremely controversial topic in the past 3 decades
since it has been legalized. There has been extreme violence stemming from this issue
that we as a country need to put under control, regardless of our personal stances on the
There are many reasons why a woman would choose to have an abortion. She
does not feel she is ready to be a parent, she can not afford a baby, and being too young
or immature to be responsible for another life are only three of these reasons. If a woman
becomes pregnant due to a rape or from incest would be another reason. It has been
found that almost fifty per cent of all women will have an abortion by the time they reach
45. Is this number increasing since the legalization of abortion? Probably not,
considering the fact that before abortions were legal they were still being preformed. The
only difference is now they are safer.
Before 1965, abortion was somewhat taboo. No one dared to even discuss the
issue. Abortion was frowned upon and considered "evil"; therefore it remained a very
private issue. Abortions were performed by doctors, nurses, midwives, even
chiropractors. Being that abortions were not performed in a hospital or clinic, anyone
who felt like it could become an abortionist. These abortions were referred to as back-
alley abortions. They were unsafe and lead to the deaths of many women, but in 1933 it
was estimated that nearly 2 million were performed (Grisey). This proves to us that
regardless if abortion is legal or not, if a woman feels she needs to have one she is going
to. The prices of these abortions ranged from about $83 for white women to about $45
for women in prision or African American women.
There are currently two types of abortions, medical abortions and surgical
abortions. A medical abortion is done without surgery. There are two steps to this
abortion. First the woman is either given an injection of a drug called methotrexate or a
tablet called mifepristone. These drugs stop the pregnancy. Next the woman is given
Misoprostol, which may be recieved in either pill or suppository form. This causes the
uterus to contract and empty, which expels the fetus from the woman's body. This type
of abortion can cost the woman anywhere from $200 to $350.
The second type of abortion is a surgical abortion. There are three commonly
used methods of surgical abortion: manual vacuum aspiration, dilation and suction
cutterage, or dilation and evacuation. The method used depends upon the length of the
pregnancy. The manual vacuum aspiration empties the uterus with the gentle suction of
a manual syringe. This type of abortion can be used up to ten weeks from the woman' s
last period.
The second method of surgical abortion is the dilation and suction cutterage
method. During this...

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