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Sarah Margaret Fuller, America’s first true feminist, was born in Cambridgeport, Massachusetts on May 23, 1810 to Timothy Fuller and Margaret Crane Fuller. Her father was a lawyer and congressman while her mother had a short teaching career. Margaret Fuller was born in a time period were women were raised to be well-cultured and obedient. On the other hand, Fuller was the opposite she was known to be assertive and a freethinking. She was the first women to be allowed into the all men library of Harvard University and later on to graduate from the university. Fuller is known today mainly as a transcendentalist, she surrounded herself with philosophers like Emerson and Henry David Thoreau ...view middle of the document...

Horace Greeley owner of the New York Tribune asked her to move to New York and become a literary critic editor for his paper. For a short period of time Margaret even stayed in the same household with Greeley and his family. With the help of Greeley on February 6, 1845, Fuller’s Woman in the Nineteenth Century book was published. Woman in the Nineteenth Century is one of her most popular books it bashes the hypocrisy of women rights and slavery that men have embedded in their minds (Lauter 280-281).
In August 1846, Fuller was sent to Europe as a foreign writer for the newspaper and eventually moved into a house in Rome the next year. She immediately became involved with the revolutionary movement that was taken place in Europe. This contributed to many of her articles that she written for the Tribune while in Rome. Also around this time in Italy she met a man by the name of Giovanni Angelo. They became lovers, secretly got married and had a son named Angelo. The Ossoli family sailed for America when the Roman Empire fell to the French in 1849. As the family was sailing to America, the ship caught a path of a storm and the ship sank near the Fire Island close to New York. All three of the...

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