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Women In Canadian Labour Market Essay

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Women in the Canadian Workforce
Women have experienced hardship in the Canadian markets since their initial entry in the labour force. Statistics and findings prove that the trends around women receiving less than equal pay and a lack of female leaders in the labour markets are in fact improving. While women and men are close to being equal in numbers in the workforce, there is still inequity financially. This issue of almost equal number of females to males in the labour market, but lack of actual equality in the labour force is significant and to be addressed. This research paper will identify the causes of the inequity of wages and leadership progression between the sexes ...view middle of the document...

Analyzing pay inequity in terms of dollar to dollar, women earn “76.5 cents for every dollar that men did in 2012” (House, 2013). This is a decrease from the previous year. Studies, statistics and research have identified two major causes of this lack of equality, including interruptions that cause women to leave their professions and their choice of “traditional” jobs.

Pay Inequality and Career Interruptions
On average, women typically have eight career interruptions in the role of Senior Management. The most common interruptions are maternity leave, the choice to stay home and raise their offspring and unemployment (Kearns & Troske, 2011).
Career interruptions are one of the main reasons for the gender-wage gap. Women who leave the workforce seldom make as much as they would have if they stayed on their career paths (Working Women Find Pay Gap Follows Interruption of Career ). Employers seeking stability in their workforces will often choose males over females to avoid the work interruptions caused by maternity leave. While some believe that these women who leave the workforce “aren’t as serious about their jobs” (Working Women Find Pay Gap Follows Interruption of Career ), others recognize that for some if it is financially feasible, they will stay home for the first few years of each child’s life. They give the impression that they are not good workers and some attribute the “baby on the mind” mindset as a distraction from corporate goals. With these interruptions, a female worker may miss otherwise accessible opportunities for advancement, context of their corporate world and the knowledge that comes from consistent participation in the corporate culture. This may effect seniority, training opportunities and of course income (Working Women Find Pay Gap Follows Interruption of Career ). While other opportunities may be forthcoming, a natural delay will result with maternity or kinder leave. The idea is that the worker, in most cases, women never catch up and it has been “found that 12% of the raw gender-wage gap is explained by differences in the timing of experience, and up to 30% is because of differences in returns to experience” (Kearns & Troske, 2011). There is a relationship between career interruptions and the wage gap. There is a 33% wage gap during the first year after the career interruption, a 20% after three to five years and a 10% wage gap after eleven to twenty years (Working Women Find Pay Gap Follows Interruption of Career ). Although, there is a relationship between the two, many women do end up going back to work as indicated by the following statistics. In Canada, 72.9% of women with children under the age of 16, children living at home, are employed (Ferrao, 2013). Mothers with children three and less, 64.4% are employed. In most cases, mothers with children, around 65-70% of those mothers are employed, which has increased over the years. Career interruptions has forced some women into working part-time, as 7 in 10...

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