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A national survey of college students taken by Pew Research in the United States has found some startling information about the gender gap in the computing field. According to RECENT surveys, 77.8 percent of women and 79.5 percent of men report frequent computer use. However only 1.8 percent of women compared to 9.3 percent of men see computer programming as a future career.The field of computing has been and still is a predominantly male field. Even with the progress towards equality that most fields have achieved, women today receive less than twenty-eight percent of the computer science bachelors degrees. This means significantly fewer women are entering the computing workplace than are their male counterparts. What's worse is that the number of women getting these degrees is actually decreasing. We must take steps in order to include more women in this predominantly male field. Many stereotypes about computer related jobs need to be wiped from society and women need to be able to feel comfortable entering a field where the majority of their counterparts are male. I feel that there are a few excellent ways we can approach this problem and that the best solution lies in encouraging girls at a young age.It is common knowledge that women are better with tasks involving fine motor skills and men are generally better with tasks involving large motor skills. It only makes logical sense, with computer programming being such a detail-oriented task, to make an effort to include women. Combining the fine motor skills of women with the large motor skills of men would create outstanding programming teams. In order to then solve this problem we need to focus on women while they are at the early years of high school. Girls make up only 17 percent of those who take computer science advanced placement tests in high school. Looking locally at my current advanced computer course, we see that of a class of about thirty there are only two females present. With computers becoming a necessary part of our lives, perhaps the first step would be to make at least one computers class compulsory in high school. Although forcing girls into computers does not solve the problem over the long-term, it allows for equal class sizes at the younger age. Equal class sizes means that the initial intimidation girls would face when entering a class of all males would disappears at a younger ages. With the intimidation factor solved by equal class...

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