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Women In Latin America During The Colonization

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Women in Latin America during the Colonization

The perception of inequality was evident in the colonial Spanish America, man belief that women were lacked in capacity to reason as soundly as men. A normal day for European women in the new world was generally characterized by male domination, for example marriage was arranged by the fathers, women never go out except to go church, women didn’t have the right to express their opinions about politic or society issues. Subsequent to all these bad treats European women try to find different ways to escape from man domination and demonstrate their intellectual capacities, for example women used become part of a convent, write in secret their desires and disappointments, and even dress as man to discover what was the real world. On the other hand native women were not treating the same way, because their enjoyed economic importances that place them far from being man victims. However, Europeans women were very discriminated and dominated during the colonial times; but little by little women fight for their rights and become free of man domination.

     In the year 1520 European women begin arriving to the New World; all these women were treat as minors and became adult at the age of 25 years old. At this time or before women were destined to get marriage. Marriages were controlled by fathers, fathers would make sure that the husband choose to their daughters were equal or better in economic matters. The issue of “inequality” of course, rarely arose on the top elite level, but to middle or low level classes it was a major issue. According to one of the stories of Tales of Potosi called The Strange Case of Fulgencio Orozco people from low classes pass throughout many difficulties to arrange a marriage for their daughters; in this story a Spanish man who lacked in economic matters experience many complications trying to organized a marriage for his daughter, he never obtain a good marriage for his daughter and finally became crazy, lost his faith in God and died. Cases like this one occur around all Spanish America in low classes; marriage was an economic contract that almost always benefits top elite level class.

     In a normal day a European women were required to stay home all day except to go to church. The church became a place of reunions to women of the top elite level. Also women didn’t have the right to express their opinions about political or society issues; women that rebels against this style of life normally were segregated. As for example one of the stories of Tales of Potosi called Claudia the Witch describe how in 1674 a woman that used to practice Indians rituals was judged and discriminated as a witch, her name was Claudia, she was a perfect example of what was the consequence of being a different type of woman that was already predestinated into society.

     In consequence of these bad treats, women try...

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