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Women In Modern Society Essay

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The 19th century was an unfavorable period for women and woman’s rights. It was a period in which society was dominated by males, where the primary source of income in the family and also the final decisions in the house were left to the man. Child rearing was often left to the women and women of a higher class were responsible for managing the maids and nurses who took care of the children. Today's modern 21st century is a tremendous step forward in woman’s rights and independence. Nora, Mrs. Linde and Anne-Marie all had to make extremely difficult choices in regards to their lives and I believe that today, the lives of women are significantly better and the roles of women in modern society ...view middle of the document...

But at that, Kristine he nearly exploded. He said I was frivolous, and it was his duty as man of the house not to indulge me in whims and fancies – as I think he called them” (Ibsen 897). Nora made the choice to forge her father's signature and borrow the money from Krogstad. This deceit although one that would affect the Helmer's marriage did allow for Torvald to recover. As quoted by Nora, “A wife hasn't the right to save her husband's life?” (Ibsen 906), she made broke the law in order to save her husband's life and thankfully, women no longer need to have their husbands or fathers consent to receive a loan. they can apply themselves and get them, granted they are approved based upon requirements that are left to the bank or lending agency.
Mrs. Linde is a childhood friend of Nora, who was married to a store owner ten years ago. She first appears at Nora's doorstep at the beginning of the play and due to the length of time they had not seen each other, Nora is unable to recognize her at first. I felt that she made many difficult choices and sacrificed much at the behest of others health and security. In act three, the dialogue between Mrs. Linde and Krogstad shows that at one point, they were fond of each other and probably date. Krogstad was not an established at the time and Mrs. Linde, whom was looking for security due to her mother's illness and burdened with taking care of her two younger brothers had no choice but to marry another man. This wealthy store owner would be able to fund Kristine and allow her to better take care of her mother and two younger brothers, “Don't forget I had a helpless mother and two small brothers, “We couldn't wait for you, Nils; you had such a long road ahead of you then.” (Ibsen 926). We see that Kristine regrets this mistake, “Yes – I don't know. So many, many times I've asked myself if I did have that right.” (Ibsen 926). In the 19th century, a lot of the work available for women were in unskilled positions. A paper on 19th century work places describes the work environment in mills and factories, “For these working class women, life was a terrible existence, working long hours in dangerous and unhealthy conditions in mills and factories where they exploited by the owners making them work for long hours with low pay to maximize profits, without thinking about their welfare or rights” (Working Class Women). These jobs required many hours, had terrible working conditions and low wages made it hard for women to survive on their own. Mrs. Linde comments on after her husband passed away how she had to survive, “Yes, so I had to scrape up a living with a little shop and a little teaching and whatever else I could find. The last three years have been like one endless workday without a rest for me.” (Ibsen 895). Today women are free to pick and choose the types of careers they want, they are free to go to school, get an education and join the workforce.
Anne-Marie is the nurse for the Helmer children and was...

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