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Women In Professional Sports. Essay

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Women in Professional SportsOn October the 24, 2003, Annika Sorenstan will be inducted into the PGA Hall of Fame for her outstanding play on the PGA Tour. Some women seem to think that they can hang with the "big boys". Women will never succeed in a men's sport at the professional level. Women do not have the athleticism to compete, the money and resources to excel, and they do not have the history in the same sports as men long enough to compete on a competitive level. Therefore, they will never ever be able to compete with men on professional levels.The most prominent point is probably the most obvious. Women do not have enough athleticism to match up with men. Perhaps a WNBA player can match up with a NCAA Division II basketball player, but there will never be a successful woman in the National Basketball Association. Women are not built like men obviously; they do not have enough muscle and are not "thick" enough to compete with male athletes in any physical sport. Such as football, basketball, baseball, and any other sport where there is a chance of a player getting injured is not meant for women. Simply put, women can not be physical enough to win. At the University of Miami, a well respected learning institution, a study was performed. They put athletes, male and female, through a rigorous test, looking at endurance, stability, and overall performance on certain tests. They concluded that women are 64% as athletic as men. That means, in sports, that they can only be 2/3 as good as male athletes. That is one of the main reasons why people will never see a woman playing in the NBA.Women do not have the money or resources as do the men. What is meant by money is that women, first of all, are not offered as much scholarship money as male collegiate...

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