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Technology is rapidly changing in the world. It impacts the way we communicate, what we do, and how we move. People are more informed all over the world, which makes our lives more advanced. Both women and men have transformed the technology industry. The technology industry is very demanding; therefore, it would make sense that opportunities for both male and females would be the same. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Although, the technology industry is huge and continues to expand at an increasing rate, women who contribute to its advances still remain vastly underrepresented. There are people who assume that women are just simply uninterested in the tech field or cannot perform as well as men. Even in today’s society, where feminism is becoming more popular, women still have to work relentlessly to be accepted into the field of technology.
Since the 1960’s it has been a social stigma that men should be the breadwinners, while the women should be the home care takers. Times have changed and society has evolved. Nowadays, more women are working outside of the homes and men and women have split their roles of the household responsibilities. So why there is still a lack of women is the technology workforce? There is not definite answer. When people imagine an IT tech, the first thing we may think of is a male Brainiac with thick coke-bottle shaped classes who has several degrees under their belt. However, this is no longer the case. There are a variety of people, both male and female, who chosen to pursue a career in the technical field. Some people believe that women are to be homemakers and primary care takers of their children, while the men go to work every day. In the article, “The Disappearing Housewife”, the author discusses the sacrifices made by working mothers and the benefits of having a second income added to the household. The author makes a valid point by referring the 1960s when the feminist movement became relevant. “The feminist movement has also a dramatic effect on American families. One of the reasons family size is shrinking, experts say, is the decision by many women to put off having children while they pursue careers” (30). Nowadays, there are additional resources provided so that women get the opportunity to balance a work and home life. Some jobs, schools, and organizations provide day cares or assistance with child care so that mothers can work and still maintain their educational goals. Men are now becoming more responsible in taking care of the children and sharing the household responsibilities. Yet, more women prefer to wait later in life to begin having a family. Some women in the technology field choose to wait and have children due to their fear of not wanting to leave them while they are busy at work. The article states, “Arguably, one of the most family-friendly pieces of legislation in American history is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), passed in 1993 (32). The law allowed employees to take up...

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