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Boom did you see her she caught a grenade but she is not supposed to be in the combat field. Women in the army that extends over 400 years into the past throughout a large amount of cultures and nations. Although women are not allowed in the combat field but they play an important role in the army. About 33,000 jobs of the positions in the army are closed to woman because they were units that were designated as direct ground combat. That will change this year in units that are not under army special operations. This paper will tell you how woman played an important in the army in the past and in the present.
There are more than 400 MOS in the army of those 14 are closed to women. The 33,000 positions that will be open to women in April. Instead they are positions now open to women. They included those jobs that are closed to women such as 12B, 13B, and 11B and 19K this job were closed to women because they thought that women weren’t battle tested. The army is still deciding on if they should let them be in the combat MOS jobs.
The people that will choose are the army training and doctrine command they are trying to see if a women meets the requirements to handle the physical training. Ensuring that the army has clear standards for all females that want to be in the combat field. The best female soldiers are going to be assigned to something the army is calling soldier of 2020. What army is trying to do is make sure that every soldier has the opportunity to serve their country successfully. The also knows that there are standards that they must have in order for there to be women in combat jobs.
The first MOS is my job 12B they were the first to finish the revalidation. When they have chose the TRADOC and the army G-1 will make the recommendation to the secretary of the army. They will either say yes or say no and find ways to keep the women from joining this MOS. Afterwards the secretary will review the recommendation and make there own decision about the job.
After the secretary of the army make his choice it is sent to the secretary of defense and he will review it. Then the congress has 30 days to review it and if the landmarks had not disagree the recommendation they will start recruiting females that are interested in that MOS and it should have women in it before the end of 2014. This process must be done to all the 14 MOS that are closed to women. BY Jan 1, 2016 every job...

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