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Women In The Media And Women In The Real World

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“They have ads of how you should dress and what you should look like and this and that, and then they say ‘but respect people for what they choose to be like.’ Okay so which do we do first?” said sixteen year old, Kelsey (“Media and Girls”). Women and girls aren’t fairly portrayed in the media they are classified by the littlest things like hair color, body size, and how smart they are. The media sends images of what the “perfect” girl should be like; an unfair image of women is portrayed in the media. There are a lot of different ways that women can be unfairly portrayed, such as in advertising, on T.V, and on social networks. Why can’t society just accept women and girls for who they are and what they look like?
Are women fairly depicted on T.V.? No, in children’s T.V there are a lot of positive female role models, but in teen and adult movies and T.V they aren’t fairly portrayed (“Media and Girls”). Women seem to be less independent characters than male characters and they seem to be driven by love, romance, and their appearance (“Media and Girls”). On T.V the male characters generally are more independent; this sends an unfair image that women and girls are not independent (“Media and Girls”). Why are women classified by appearance, hair color, body size, and what they wear if we don’t classify male characters that way? Next time you see something about women in the media you might want to think again because it might not be true.
When you see an ad or a picture of a girl in a magazine, on T.V, on a social network, do you wish you could be more like that, have the flawless make up, the picture-perfect body, and the “in” hair style? Before you wish that think about how pictures of girls are edited and photo shopped to make her look skinnier, have more make up, and all around “perfect”. Also ads are “sexualized” to help sell a product, and make people feel bad about their appearance (Ford). Pictures of girls are also photo shopped and edited to help support diet and cosmetic companies, by making girls feel like they need to lose more weight, or wear more make up to be prettier (“Body Image- Girls”). In some cases women appear to be “sex...

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