Women In The Post Classical Era

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During the postclassical era, major societies and religions developed various perspectives about how women should be treated and how they should behave. One viewpoint on how women should be treated included the idea that they were a symbol of enticement and possessed liberal and unintelligent qualities; making them considered unequal to men. Dissimilar to this belief, another standpoint concluded that women had equivalent roles as men and should be treated with respect. Women played both a demeaning and dignifying role in the post classical era in multiple significant societies and beliefs, which decided how they should be regarded and viewed.
Women played an undignified role and were evaluated as dishonorable, being treated with less respect than men. This perspective is seen in document two, Western Europe: Jewish Commentary on Women Reciting the Grace after Meals, document three, Legal Code from the Byzantine Empire and document five, Muslim Traveler Ibn Battuta in Mali. In The Legal Code from the Byzantine Empire (doc 3), society didn’t want women and men to be mixed in the same job because it would demean the role of men. By doing so, they would appear as immodest and unethical. The legal code of the empire inn 900 C.E, originated from a Christianity background created a mocking and hateful tone when stating the disproval of the idea that women infiltrated the public affairs of men. The Muslim Traveler, Ibn Battuta analyzed the role of women in Mali in 1392 C.E. He discussed about how women were presumptuous and played degrading roles in society. Both documents classify women to be immoral, being the reason why they shouldn’t be given the right to intermingle or work with men. Ibn Battuta’s tone portrays his disdain towards the way the Malian women act, saying their living is “outlandish”, being that it contrasts with his Muslim background. The Jewish Commentary on Women Reciting the Grace after Meals showed men having more power and authority over women, which...

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