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Women In Wwii Essay

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World War Two was the period where women came out of their shells and was finally recognized of what they’re capable of doing. Unlike World War One, men weren’t the only ones who were shined upon. Women played many significant roles in the war which contributed to the allied victory in World War Two. They contributed to the war in many different ways; some found themselves in the heat of the battle, and or at the home front either in the industries or at homes to help with the war effort as a woman.
Firstly, women played key supportive roles in the army, even though they were not necessarily foot soldiers; they still contributed greatly to the allied victory in World War Two. When Canada ...view middle of the document...

Since men had to go to war, the women had to fill in the jobs that were unoccupied such as mines, mills, shipyards, and factories (Coomber 36). Without women filling in these jobs, then key industries that were creating war materials would fall apart, since women filled in jobs such as mills where wood would be processed for factories to manufacture guns. Women that were working in the factories created war related materials such as tanks, planes, ships, guns, and ammunition (Baldwin 29). This allowed men to participate in the war, since women created the materials which were needed to fight against the German troops efficiently. Also a famous female Canadian, Elsie Macgill was the first female aircraft designer in the world. She was the one who was responsible for the production of the Hawker Hurricane fighter planes which led to more than 1450 aircraft created during the war (Canada). Due to the major contributions of Elsie Macgill, it allowed the allied troops to use the Hawker Hurricane fighter planes to destroy the axis powers. Therefore women in the industries contributed to the...

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