Women Leaders Who Broke Through The Glass Ceiling

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Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Nancy Pelosi are four women leaders who have broken the glass ceiling in the world of politics and leadership. The one specific, predominant, and common characteristic that three of these superwomen possess that may be the reason for their success is their diplomatic ways and mirroring styles. Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi are the three leaders who have strategically incorporated the ability to mirror those they have dealings with.
Men have often mirrored each other with wearing the same color suits. IBM was good with this concept as they required all employees to wear navy blue suits – both men and women. It became their “preference” and their “identity.” Hillary Clinton is a real professional at the mirroring technique. There are many documented pictures of her with high officials from other countries where she wears similar colors, styles, and even her hair is styled the same as wives of those leaders. No matter what can be said about that, it works.
There is a concept in psychology called “mirroring” which is explained as “miming gestures, movements, body language, muscle tensions, expressions, tones, eye movements, breathing, tempo, accent, attitude, choice of words/metaphors and other aspects of communication” (Malone, 2011). This often occurs between best friends, but it works well in politics.
Condoleezza Rice’s nature is more demure and diplomatic. She has never concerned herself with the “black issues” which has gotten her skepticism from the African-American people. She has always kept a low profile and has no desire to run for President. She describes herself as a “Moderate Republican” (NNDB, 2011). She prefers to “fit in” which is another form of mirroring. It has kept her in politics for many years.
Nancy Pelosi uses her personality to “fit in.” She normally speaks about what the audience at the moment wants to hear. Her “seize-the-moment resolve is seen as her strength but also as her weakness” (Lightman & Douglas, 2009).

Applying this Characteristic in Decision Making, Strategic Planning,
and Problem Solving
Typically, men dressed like other men they were meeting. It made it a “club” effect. People feel comfortable if they are in surrounding with people who dress the same, think the same, and act the same. For women, this was not the case until more and more women became part of the political world where they had a say. In order to make the “scene” comfortable, the women dress, talk, and act like those they...

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