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Women Led Organizations In Afghanistan Essay

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In spite of their hardship, the women were able to organize themselves in groups aimed at championing the cause of women. They did so by establishing secret schools and health clinics. Some noted organization that evolved as a result is listed below.
Women Led organizations in Afghanistan
AWC Afghan Women’s Council
REFWID Feminist Majority Foundation of Refugee women in Development Inc
CCA Cooperation Center for Afghans
AWN Educators and Human Rights Commission in Pakistan, Afghan Women Network
WAPHA Women’s Alliance for Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan
RAWA Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

Of those listed above Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), is more prominent. This flagship resistance movement was founded by Meena Keshwar Kamal in 1977, and did everything possible to fight against the Islamic fundamentalists. Despite Meena she was martyred in 1987, RAWA still continued their efforts to improve the social conditions of Afghani women.

Meena (1956-1987), Founder of RAWA

The fall of the Taliban and the Way Forward
The collapse of the Taliban regime in 2001, by the Northern Alliance, followed by the establishment of a temporary Afghan government under the Bonn Agreement, emancipated the women and girls of Afghanistan from their oppressive masters (AMIRI et al, (2004). However, while the liberation of the women and girls under the interim government was welcomed in some quarters, there was vehement opposition in some quarters particularly among the traditionalists.
The traditionalists opposed the move to sent over three million women and girls returned to schools (AMIRI et al, (2004).

So despite the collapse of the Taliban, traditionalists and other of the same fundamentalist view of Islam, they still oppose women re-gaining their right to education and health care. According to The Guardian (November 2008), school girls are being attached with car battery acid just for going to school.
(A survivor of an acid attack)
The strength and determination shown by the Afghani women to their social and economic advancement is admirable, many have returned to their professions as judges, lawyers, and journalists, among other professions. A record 11 percent of women got directly involved in politics. Two noted achievements was a female minister of health and one delegate who ran for presidency and a chance to rule the country (AMIRI et al, (2004).
This was a strategic move on the part of women, who clearly understood that this was a fundamental avenue to make effective change, that is to be represented at the strategic decision making table to be a part of the process, with the view to safeguard best interest of women and girls going forward.
According to (Amiri et al, 2004), to create sustainable progress, support for women’s rights...

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