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Women Directors Of Horror Films Essay

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Women love gore too. Since the beginning of time people have always been intrigued by storytelling especially ones that scare them. Stephen King the master of horror once said people love watching horror films simply because it keeps their sanity. “It may be that horror movies provide psychic relief on this level because this invitation to lapse into simplicity, irrationality and even outright madness is extended so rarely” (King). When people see a slasher film it gives them a chance to kill off “Annoying Bob” from the office in their heads. Horror films also tell the story about the culture watching them.“Horror films are to an observer of culture what frogs are to the medical student: dissecting them displays the anatomy of the culture behind them better than with any other genre” (Brashinsky). Horror film directors give great visuals for people to kill off people in their minds as well as tell the story of the culture watching them. Traditionally this genre has been dominated by male directors. The work of most women in film gets pushed aside. Women’s perspectives as well as their work often gets devalued. Women can and have created great horror films. In the horror genre women are depicted as the victims but in many movies women are the heroes or the villains as well the director.
Very few female directors have gotten credit for their work on films, even on great films. Their work is discredited especially in the horror genre. The reason women have been shut out of horror is the same reason women been shut out of film: it’s a man’s field. Since the beginning of cinema women have been involved. They wrote, produced, and even directed. Unfortunately they were not given credit and written out of the history of cinema. The only way a female could be involved in film was to play a “damsel in distress”.” Women were written out of history as active participants in production and creation of film.. Women primarily put in front of the camera as actors and sex objects”(Foster). It seems as if life was truly reflected on screen at the time. Most women had a helping hand in the making of some of the great films but were silence because of sexism. As years went by and life began to change for reasons like the Equal Rights Amendment women in film started to get recognized for their work. In 2010 for the first time a woman director Kathryn Bigelow won an Oscar for best director. In horror it didn’t take as long for women to get but it wasn’t as glorified. One of the first greatest horror films created by a woman was Ida Lupino’s The Hitchhiker (1953). Even though no blood appears in the film and the death toll is low the film is still suspenseful and terrifying for its day. The film touches on more on a psychological horror bases rather than a gore. Because there is very little to no gore in the film it is discredited as a horror film. Today women in horror started to be recognized and there work is becoming more notable.
There are a few horror films...

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