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So are women better than a guy in a males sport? For example a girl might be better than a guy in football and wrestling and a guy might be really good at softball or volleyball. Women can play a guy’s sport for many reasons: everyone is equal, girls have different body structures, and men and women fight in war side by side, so why can’t they play side by side in wrestling or football?
Coed Teams
Coed teams are really popular at young ages. Remember at an age when there was a football league for the kids. It had both girls and boys playing together without a problem. Some of the girls were even better than the boys. Those girls were the ones that wanted to go farther with their football career and play throughout their school year, but they get to high school and they are told that they can’t play because she is a girl.
In 1999 a girl by the name of Katie Hnida was the kicker for the college team of Colorado. She was really good at it too. But one day she went and told people that she was raped by one of the teammates. Once she came out four more girls did to. They pressed charges and lawsuits were made. So maybe girls shouldn’t play a guys sport, should they (Jeffrey)?
They took surveys of U.S high schools and found that 1,477 girls participated in tackle football out of 306 high schools. Now they say that it is bad but who cares. The girls love playing the sports, so why can’t they? It’s retarded to think girls can not play football or even wrestling because they are girls (Jeffrey).
Also, they say that it is uncivilized for females to play a males sport, like football. That’s why they place the girls as kickers in college and high school because some of the guys do not want to hit the girl. In some high school though they have girls playing as defensive backs and other spots that require them to tackle or get tackled (Jeffrey).
Different Body Structures
Girls may have a different body structure than guys and in some sports the body size matters. Some guys are much bigger than the girls in size and strength. But female athletes are just as equal as males, maybe even better. So...

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