Women At Risk Of Human Trafficking

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Our rights are born with us as the second that we are born. There is no one has the right to change this fact no matter what, which we are free creatures and our humanity should be respected that are the most important. Although these are known rights in the whole world but there are criminals that are using human for their own good in cruel ways. There is a new business spreading around the world, which is called trafficking. Trafficking is dealing or trading in something illegal like human trafficking. This kind of business is considered illegal because it may harm human and abuse them. Human trafficking has many aspects such as trafficking by women, children and human body parts. It became common as organizations for many purposes like sexual slavery, forced labor or commercial sexual shows for the trafficker or their customers. Actually, women and children are the best choice for traffickers because women and children are weak, don’t have enough courage to defend themselves and it’s easier to control them. In addition, they are used to live in poor isolated environment, so they are ignorance and naive which make it easy for these traffickers to take advantage of them. Some of these traffickers claims that they need workers and labors to work in various fields and those poor category are the most in need of money for a living, so they are in fact helping them and exploit them and they are providing them a better life. In fact this is not true, they are just justifying their crimes in order to keep their illegal business running. Also, there claims are not reasonable because this kind of what they call business is a crime against humanity and they may force them to do illegal stuff. Women and children traffickers have chosen this way as there source of income because of their lack of humanity and they are greedy.
First of all, lack of humanity is the main reason of trafficking by women and children and taking advantage of them. In recent years, number of poor countries is increasing so poverty is spread in these countries. While poverty is spreading, women and children specially are suffering from famines and may end up being homeless. Although it's a tragedy for these poor people, but traffickers took advantage of their hard circumstances in their favor by seducing them by providing them a better life and offer them jobs to help them earn a living. Actually they are just trying to take advantage of their need for the basic livelihood to influence them and persuade them to approve their offer, but in fact they will end up as slavery for victims as the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings described it. According to Alicia McDowell (Oct 10, 2013), in ‘Experts: Thousands of young Md. women at risk of human trafficking’ that has explained how traffickers gain the trust of their victims by acting like that they care about their needs even the simplest like clothing and that they are the right and best...

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