Women Roles Changed For The Better

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What haven't women done for civilization? From writing the first book about integral calculus to inventing windshield wipers. Women have changed the world for the better. Women have clearly done so much for us, but at one time, they weren't even considered "persons." World War 1 was a devastating war for Canada with so many soldiers dead. One good result from the Great War; women's movement. During world war one; men who left for the war in Europe, left jobs at home in Canada. With the increasing demand from Great Britain for food and munitions from Canada, someone had to take over the jobs left. With most of the men gone, the Canadian government turned Canadian women. Opportunities in the ...view middle of the document...

"The greatest change for women in wwI was the tremendous expansion for employment. Use to work at home or in poor pays and conditions. More than 30000 women went to work in munitions factories." (Staton 31) If it wasn't for their effort on the farms and ammo factories, the demands by Britain wouldn't be fulfilled, and the allies would have lost. Furthermore, the effort of Canadian nurses as bluebirds at army camps was very important. The bluebirds comfort and help to heal the soldiers, helped in the war effort. "Many Canadian women were eager to serve overseas. They were offered opportunities in medical units. Large amounts were skilled nurses to serve. 3141 nursing in Canadian army. 2504 in England in WW1," (Staton 61). The work by these nurses saved so many lives; they were nicknamed bluebirds because of their blue uniforms and white veils. The Canadian nurses definitely got the attention of every nation, they helped the war effort so much and also in such a dangerous position near the front lines. The Canadian government was very astonished by not only the bluebirds, but all women in general during ww1. It wasn't easy for women to adapt so quickly to the work industry, but they did to great extent and this started the change to change their usual roles. But not only did they work, both at home and overseas, they also comforted soldiers in a more indirect fashion but still helped soldiers overseas feel better.

Secondly, the emotional comfort by women to soldiers overseas in different ways was essential to the war. It wasn't obvious at the time, but if women hadn't provided such warmth to the soldiers, the Germans would have crushed their minds and made them think no one cares about them. "Women in world war one provided home comforts to soldiers overseas by giving socks, chocolates, cigarettes, etc. Also sent photos and letters to show appreciation" (MacDonald 12-13). Usually women at this time were supposed to be a motherly figure. They continued this motherly nature to the soldiers in Europe as well. But this time showing love to Canadians dying was very important. Therefore, If this kind of support was not given to, soldiers wouldn't have performed the same. For example, Soldiers received warmth from letters and photos and it showed admiration to the Canadian soldiers. Of course women majority sent this comfort and it showed there care to soldiers and it showed the government that women contribute to the war in multiple ways. The question was then asked, why they aren't able to vote. They clearly showed care and provided comfort to soldiers overseas, so why weren't women more respected. Furthermore, soldiers kept such photos and letters and read them to keep them cheered up. Imagine how a soldier would be without knowing what's going on back home and if people even care about him. It is clear that the efforts made by women to comfort solders on the front lines helped towards the win of WW1. These contributions...

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