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Running head: Women's Health issues 1Women's Health Issues 2Violence against women has been a worldwide health issue for women for quite some time now. Relationships between couples can have their ups and downs, but they can extend to much farther and serious issues. Men in the relationship are known to be the dominant figure and the most powerful, which makes it easier to hurt women. Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a serious health issue against women all over the world. Physical abuse, rape, and stalking by a former boyfriend or spouse are categorized under IPV. From a global perspective, any women from any cultural background or age can be abused. According to Mellor & Wong, there is an approximate one and four chance that women could experience intimate partner violence. Victims of IPV are at a major risk of their health developing physical and mental problems. Some of the health risks that women are undergoing are traumatic brain injury, central nervous system symptoms, chronic pain, depression, and homicide.Un Women stated that according to the 2013 global review, 35% of women worldwide have experienced some kind of abuse either physical, intimate partner or non-partner sexual violence. Other studies, however, showed that up to 70% of women have experienced partner/sexual abuse in their lifetime. According to Un Women, women in Africa, Canada, Israel, South Africa, and United States are murder victims of intimate partner violence between 40 and 70%. Many young girls, about 140 million, are experiencing abuse in female genital mutilation procedures. "Between 40 and 50 per cent of women in European Union countries experience unwanted sexual advances, physical contact or other forms of sexual harassment at work" (Un Women). From the Urban area,Women's Health Issues 3particularly in developing countries, Un Women reports that women are twice as likely to experience violence than men are.Although some women share the tragic abuse of intimate partner violence, they are abused for different reasons according to their cultures. Many cultural norms and beliefs are sought to be the reason why women experience intimate violence. Different cultures play different roles in marriage, occupations, and gender roles. Research in Australia showed that the groups that are at higher risk of intimate partner violence are Asian immigrants because they are sponsored by non-Asian men for marriage (Mellor & Wong, 2014). Mellor & Wong also stated that studies conducted in Asian communities suggested that both men and women confessed that if the women didn't perform a duty within their role, it was acceptable for men to abuse the woman using physical abuse. Mellor & Wong indicated that research from the United States suggested that immigrant women are at a higher risk for IPV as well. "Such violence may be partly attributable to the culture in the country of origin of immigrants" (Mellor & Wong, 2014). An example given was in India and within...

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