Women’s Images In William Wordsworth Romantic Poems

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1.1 Basic Consideration
Basically, the woman’s images in literature has a part which is cannot be separated with literary work and the reality at the time. In Western Europe, 18th century, there was a complex era for intellectual movement, artistic and especially literature. The increasing of industrial revolution influenced the art, music, literature in the line.
Poem became one of the important literary works to see the historical phenomenon in that era/time of the literary published. It includes what or how the society face the women. William Wordsworth as one of famous English poet had shown it in some his literary work. In this case, writer will focus on three poems. They are: The Daffodils, She was a Phantom of Delight, and The Solitary Reaper.
However, this research will concern on the literary works only without implicate the life of the poet or the social phenomenon which influences the literary works. Hence, New Criticism or researchers are known as Formalist Criticism is ...view middle of the document...

William Wordsworth is a famous poetry who presenting simple and creative expression in his poems. Poetry lovers have known Wordsworth by his ideology of poetry, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling recollected in tranquility”.
There are several justification why the writer choose The Daffodils, She was a Phantom of Delight, and The Solitary Reaper are the poems that will be analyzed in this research. Firstly, The Daffodils has the futility of the women which contrasts with the environment as Wordsworth presented. Secondly, She was a Phantom of Delight shows a beautiful women imaginatively. The last is The Solitary Reaper which explain the conversation of the poet with nature though the women’s image who as reaper. Consequently, it will enrich the data of this research.
Overall, by using the Formalist Criticism, the writer can easier to analyze Wordsworth poems. It is because this criticism is the appropriate approach to explore the woman’s image through the stanza in each poem of Wordsworth. Therefore, the writer took the title of this study, “Women’s Images in William Wordsworth Romantic Poems”.

1.2 Research Question
Based on the background of study, the research is focus to answer this question, “How the women’s images in William Wordsworth romantic poems?”

1.3 Aim of Research
The aim of this research is “To find out how the women’s images in William Wordsworth romantic poems by using the New Criticism as the approach in this analysis”.

1.4 The Scope of Study
The limitation of this analysis will be concern to this aspect,
The women’s images in William Wordsworth romantic poems, they are:
 Daffodils
 She was a Phantom of Delight
 The Solitary Reaper

1.5 Significance of Study
This research is expected to give information to the reader about women’s image which is presented by William Wordsworth in some of his poems. Hopefully, this research also can give lots of contribution for literary teaching in my Faculty especially in English Department. Hence, it will became one of the references in increasing the literary understanding of poem. Furthermore, this research also might be beneficial for other researcher who will conduct the literary research specifically in poetry.

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