Women´S Knowledge And Power: The Importance Of Gaining Support

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It is not possible to be entirely self-sufficient. People need support to do well in society; they need to learn from the mistakes that their predecessors have made, as well as their triumphs. Throughout the interviewing process, as well as the class of Women’s Knowledge and Power, the importance of gaining support, having mentors, and never giving up has become abundantly clear. Without mentors, teachers, and friends the world would be full of people making the same mistakes, and going in circles. There would be little to no progress made in the world, in all aspects of life. To have progress people need to learn what works well and what does not work at all. The only way to learn this information is to hear it from someone who has already been through the same situation, or to experience it for oneself. After interviewing Mary Rhodes, a lawyer and public defender, and researching how women are successful, the true keys that are always mentioned are mentors and determination.

One of the ways that we can bridge this gap is instead of putting each other down we help each other stand strong, and see that as a united front we are so much better.

During the interview with Ms. Rhodes, she was asked “Who was your role model (models), throughout your life?” she said:
“So I don’t have just one. I’ve had many throughout… I’ve learned that it is not only going to class and showing up to get your education.. Part of my education has been people pouring their stories into me. If I meet someone who has something that I want or is living the way that I want to, me sitting down and speaking to them for an hour is the best education that I could get… Mentorship is.. I would not be here if it were not for mentorship.”
When speaking to her it was clear that she was thankful for all of her many mentors, and that each mentor helped her in a different way during different periods of her life. In class it was discussed that mentors are not all the same, and that they can take on many different forms. For example, a friend could be the best mentor you have to solve a certain problem; but a parent or teacher is needed for another issue that you have. A mentor can be anyone who has more experience in a certain aspect of life, and is helping you find your way. They are not meant to tell you exactly what you are supposed to do, because the only way to learn is to try, but they are there to make it a little easier. In a recent article it was said “Having a mentor as a career champion is a key element in the success of many accomplished women in the legal profession, according to the results of a new survey of high-achieving female lawyers (Burnett-Nichols)”. There have been multitudes of people who credit their mentors, as one of the factors to their success. It is important to see that behind every leader, is a team of supporters. Everyone needs someone to help them deal with problems, guide them through challenges, and sometimes just a shoulder to cry on....

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