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Women’s Quality Of Life And Work

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One hundred fifty thousand dollars is a considerable sum with which to work. The scope of my plan of requires at least as much. I believe that my plan addresses several contemporary problems: The plight of divorced, widowed or otherwise single women who have little or no experience in the business world, the simultaneous stress on personal finances and the likely stagnation of real estate development for the foreseeable future.

My plan is not for profit, but rather a mechanism to support and enrich the lives of women who wish to the techniques of investing and improving homes through sweat equity, their own skills and supporting female contractors. I cannot think of a more productive and beneficial way to use my experience and knowledge of the real estate and mortgage finance fields to improve neighborhoods and ensure a better quality of life for women. I have invested most of my life in this endeavor and have earned not only my brokers license, but several professional designations to assist others in their success in becoming owners and developers of real property. (Designations explained below)

Our goal would be to reach a 90% female contractor base. Also, given the current glut of foreclosures, I would approach lenders to donate foreclosed homes to a not for profit, tax-exempt corporation. Banks would get the tax benefit, and we would have properties to rehabilitate and sell. Any profits would be reinvested into other projects and no more than 15% would be required for operating expenses.

This organization will be called Women’s Work. With sufficient resources we will purchase a house in an inner city area which requires cosmetic improvements, but is of strong structural integrity. We will determine this because we will have obtained home inspections from contractors who are established and are willing to train our female team of apprentices. They will in turn train the women who later purchase homes. The reason they will be willing to train them is that they will be receiving referrals for work. At present, due to today’s economic climate, many contractors are unemployed and in need of money.
These female apprentices will later work with the women who participate in the program to assist them in rehabilitating their own properties.

The home will cost no more than $90,000. We will use the remaining $60,000 for labor and repairs. Three contractors will be required to submit bids for each job. Materials will be donated by companies such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, and we will purchase other required materials. We will also apply for grants from organizations that are supported by the United Way, as well as private and public foundations for additional funds. There is at least one organization in Orange County New York, which supports women and girls in becoming financially secure. This project would hopefully be attractive to them, as owning real estate does contribute to the financial security of women, especially if she...

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