Women's Right And Abortion Essay

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Before women had rights to decide whether they could keep their baby, some states didn’t allow abortion, therefore requiring women to give birth to their child. In today’s current issues, abortion is still a controversial subject with millions of people supporting it or not supporting it. Every woman has the right to make changes to her own physical body, and those rights should not be taken away, according to the constitution. In the very famous case in 1973, “Roe v. Wade”, the United States Supreme Court legalized abortion throughout the first trimester of pregnancy. In the article, “Roe’s Pro-Life Legacy”, it is explained how after this movement, the right to abortion, lives have changed and led to lower abortion rates (Sheilds 2013.) After Roe v. Wade gave women the right to an abortion, women felt that their rights have been restored. The act of aborting is a woman’s choice, in which women should not be taken their rights away because many women need their own rights protected in cases where they doesn’t want to feel obligated to carry the child of a rapist, go through pregnancies that could end up in death of the mother, give birth to a babies who will suffer their whole life because of a severe physical and mental dysfunctions, they’re not financially fit, or they don’t have the support from the father because he left the wife and baby.
The U.S. Constitution gave millions of people their rights and freedom and with that people chose what they wanted to do and how they wanted to live. According to the Ninth Amendment of the Constitution, some rights taken away or hinged upon by; instead they should be rights given to the people. Under Ninth Consitution, it would be fair enough that women got to choose whether they wanted to abort their child or not. It is their own choice and their own rights to make decisions. According to an article, “Stenberg V. Carthart: Women Retain Their Right to Choose”, in the Supreme Court Case, Stenberg verses Carthart, declared that; “Nebraska statute banning partial birth abortions was unconstitutional.” The article also mentions that women need personal privacy and the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Ninth Amendment, and Fourteenth Amendment gave women the rights to their own personal freedom (Berkowitz 2001). As learned in class, the First Amendment of the United States gave people the right to express their speech, religion, press, and assembly freely. The Fourth Amendment gave the right for people to search your house but only with a warrant. The Fourteenth Amendment dealt with equal protection rights.
Legalized abortion gives women a relief because they know that they are the owners of their body and control it and give consent or don’t give consent to an abortion. If a woman becomes raped and unfortunately becomes pregnant, she won’t feel obligated to keep a baby from a stranger or from a psychopath who rapes random women. The raped victim also might not like the idea of carrying a child from...

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