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Women’s Rights Violation: Human Trafficking In Indonesia

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Human trafficking is a global human rights issue, where women are the biggest target. Human trafficking is defined as the transport of a person through force, threat or abduction to then bind the person to its employee or for exploitation reasons. The term exploitation includes: prostitution, other sexual exploitations, slavery, forced labour, servitude and the removal of organs (United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime, 2000). This essay is focusing on women’s rights, by looking at human trafficking in Indonesia. Poverty and small employment opportunities as well as the unequal gender roles are the many reasons for human trafficking in Indonesia. This leads to the nation having to spend money on legal matters and help-services for the victims. Consequences for the victims are varies; infections, maternal death and psychological problems interfere with integrating victims back into the community. The Indonesian government is raising awareness; but to be efficient corruption needs to be eliminated and sanctions for criminals have to be toughened. The issue with human trafficking is that women are particularly vulnerable due to gender roles in Indonesia. Human trafficking eliminates their rights for freedom.
Human trafficking is violating many basic Human rights, particularly women are vulnerable to sex trafficking. In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948, s.2) everyone is entitled to their rights and freedom, without distinction of sex, religion, race, political opinions and more. This includes women and therefore women rights are human rights. The bill of rights first added rights for women in 1952, 1957 and 1965. (UN WOMEN, 2014). In 1979 the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) was adopted by the general assembly. CEDAW is also referred to as the international bill of rights for women and states that the fundamental rights of freedom in article three are guaranteed to women on the same basis as men. In article six, state parties have to take all measures possible to eliminate every form of trafficking, exploitation and prostitution of women. Human trafficking is violating these earlier mentioned rights. There are an estimate of 2.5 million victims, which can be any age or gender. Mostly women are impacted by trafficking, as 79 percent is sexual exploitation. Human trafficking is a global business generating huge amounts of profit. A ten dollar billion profit for criminals per year has been calculated by looking at the documented statistics (UNODC, 2014). In Indonesia labour recruits (known as PJTKIs) operate legally and illegally. They charge high recruitment fees, which makes migrants vulnerable to debt bondage and binds them to the PJTKI. The recruitment brokers are reported to use connections to corrupted government officials and police and escape jail sentences (, 2006). The US department of State Trafficking in Persons Report (2011) found...

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