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Women's Roles In America Have Changed Since The 1020s

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Women’s Roles in America Today
Delaney Hershman
Kankakee Valley High School

Women’s Roles in America Today
Delaney Hershman
Kankakee Valley High School
Throughout the years women’s lives have changed. Women in American society live’s have changed for the better in the past several years: there is more freedom for women to live their lives the way that they choose too, wives can help their spouses with income rather than depending on the husband to make money for their family, and women have more say in the government than they did in the early 1900s. Back then, none of the things seemed possible for women and young ladies.
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Today, we renew our commitment to end wage discrimination and celebrate the strength and vibrancy women add to our economy” (Webb, 2010). Pay discrimination in the workforce is happening today. "In 1960, women earned 59 cents for every dollar men earned. After the 1963 legislation was passed, women made 77 cents for every dollar men earned.” (Webb, 2010). For some families, the $0.23 can make a difference. Especially for single parents. (Bianchi, 2011) states, “For low-income women, many of whom are single parents, the work-family dilemma is how to care adequately for children and work enough hours to support them financially”.

The graph shows the labor/wage differences between men and women between the year 1890-1990. (Goldin, 2002)

More Say
Women in the United States got the right to vote on August 18, 1920 in the 18th amendment. This was a huge step for women in society. It helped women get more authority and leadership in the government. “In the U.S., women now make up 23% of American CEOs. Few women reach the top in higher education although women increasingly enter the ranks of academia. A total of 453 women,...

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