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In today's society, gender role expectations continue to influence young women's behavior in sexual interactions. Many scientists suggest that differences in sexual behavior between men and women may have an evolutionary basis. They also believe that men and women adopt sexual behavior patterns that will maximize their chance of reproducing successfully. An example of this is proven in society when women may be more discriminating than men in their choice and number of sexual partners because their aim is to mate with a partner who will provide an optimal set of genes to her children. They also need to find a partner who will contribute to the supply of resources needed to successfully raise the children.Sexual initiation is defined as any acknowledged attempt on the part of the respondent to establish sexual contact. For more than a decade significant attention has been focused on the phenomenon of women's initiation of sexual contact with men. Studies conducted in the 1980's focused on the "incidence" and "prevalence" of women's sexual initiation, the impact it had on the male receivers, and women's reasons for initiating sexual contact. (Anderson, 1990) (Sarrel & Masters, 1982) ( Struckman-Johnson, 1994) Findings from these studies indicated that women participate in a broad range of behaviors, including attempts at arousing a partner, threats to end a relationship, force, and taking advantage of someone who is too intoxicated to resist, to accomplish sexual contact with men. Also, women were reported to initiate sexual contact for a wide variety of reasons, including arousal, a need to have power and control, and as a reaction to past abuse. Personal experiences with sexual aggression are likely to produce aggression. Finally, prior research supports the idea that non-aggressive and aggressive sexual initiation tactics differ in motive, dominance, and impact. While research has established the prevalence of a variety of initiatory behavior, there is little known about the predictors of initiatory behavior.Seductive tactics include behaviors such as dancing seductively, wearing specific clothes or perfume, or giving massages. Aggressive tactics include coercive behaviors such as threats to end a relationship, lies, or psychological manipulation and physical force tactics such as hitting, holding someone down, or the threat or use of a weapon.Researchers have attempted to clarify their understanding of women's use of initiation tactics and the use of aggressive tactics by considering the role of cultural norms and expectations, and the psychological characteristics of individuals that promote differences in aggressive and non-aggressive initiation tactics (Anderson & Sorenson, 1999) (Anderson & Aymami, 1993) (O'Sullivan & Byers, 1993). The authors of these studies have reported that among college women in the US, women living in the South are less aggressive than women in the East and those women who believe in rape myths and/or...

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