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Women´S Situation In Early Modern Time: Candide By Francois Marie Arouet

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Have you ever traveled and in the check points you feel you are being “violated” by the way they search you. I know airport security needs a lot of advancements to keep up with the creative ideas terrorist have used, but some of these new techniques are making travelers have less desire to fly. These new techniques the government has implemented has made a lot of passengers not to have a desire to travel by this method that is the best and get you places in short amount of time. I know there is a lot of terrorism going on but like I said before these techniques are way beyond of what the passengers expects and makes the passenger really have an uncomfortable time.
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According to Reuters, if this new law takes effect, a TSA agent that makes such an offensive could be fined as much as $4,000 dollar and face one year in jail or maybe more. The TSA defended its practices on its web page by first saying that the Texas bill was not constitutional (states can't the federal government what to do), and second, by saying the not useful way of x -rays, stating: "The pat-down is a highly effective tool to resolve certain alarms and keep these dangerous items off of planes that could cause catastrophic damage. "The TSA post has since received well over 850 comments (and counting), and the vast majority of travelers weighing in aren't taking the TSA's side. Much the opposite, actually. Far more often, the comments accuse the TSA of "propaganda," of "data spin," and of being "not intelligent " and "hypocritical."
Now, in the thing most recently done by the TSA ,threatening to cancel all flights leaving Texas and arriving Texas airports. Texas Representative David Simpson asked the TSA to prove its authority by "touching our private parts." Simpson also tried to make more specific what is and isn't obligate in the recently approved law. "We aren't even prohibiting the pat-downs. We're just saying you can't go straight to third base. You have to have a reason -- you have to have probable cause -- before groping someone's sexual organs." said Representative David Simpson .TSA totally declines to say something on "unbelievable" case of identity robe on recent Air Canada flight .If there's any bright side to all this problems of going through airport security (and as any traveler is aware, there are many) it's the way of security that all those measures made by the TSA is for the security of the passenger .I myself generally believe that the cautions taken by homeland security makes me a and my companion passengers safer and also makes me feel, so I'm able to see all the good things as more comforting than offensive and annoying .It's scary and frustrating , then, to hear stories like the one that emerged on CNN one day. Authorities are calling an "not believable case of not being able to be known by the people."October 29th, a young man in Hong Kong, described as an "Asian looking male that appeared to be 30 years old ," boarded an Air Canada flight with the destination in Vancouver, he was modified as an elderly man, decoy eyeglasses, neck mask and silicone face, Mr. Rogers was using brown cardigan and all.He went so far as to do the movements of an elderly person and more impressive to swap boarding passes with an actual citizen of the...

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