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Women’s Sports Essay

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Over the past ten years women have been able to advance much further in sports then they ever have before. Largely responsible for this advancement is the feminist movement, which has been pushing for women to have equal right in the sports arena since the 1960s. A big brake thorough came in 1964 with that passing of Title nine in the Civil Rights Act. This act, “as amended, prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs or activities receiving federal assistance” (Cole 1994:313). Although women’s sports was not the main goal behind this act women interested in sports benefited immensely because it required schools to give women the same opportunities ...view middle of the document...

Men’s sports are not only better advertised and marketed but they are also aired on television and on the radio much more frequently then women’s sports. A study was done by Tuggle that examined the amount of coverage given to women’s sports on ESPN sport center and CNN Sports. Tuggle found that both programs only contributed around five percent of their airtime to women’s sports (1997). It is also important to note that out of the five percent air time that women’s sports receive on these stations most of the attention during these times is give to the individual athlete rather the team as a whole. This makes it very difficult for women’s sports to build a strong fowling because people are to focused on the individual athlete if they here about it at all. In a co-study it was also noticed that comments emphasizing men sports are made much more often on the air (Tuggle 1997). In summer I believe that the key cause for the lack of equality in women’s sports today comes from unequal coverage by the media. Many people lack an appreciation for and understanding of women’s sports simply because it is not well broadcasted.
In conclusion women’s sports have advanced tremendously over the past few decades and have...

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