Women’s Struggles In Gender Equality And Workforce

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Women's Struggles in Gender Equality and WorkforceOver the years, although there has been a significant increase in the number of women in the workforce, gender inequality has made it difficult for females to find well-paying unconventional jobs in the workforce. Overtime, women has increased their numbers significantly in the workforce. Coming from a Vietnamese and Chinese background in Vietnam, there were not very many opportunities for my ancestors many years ago. Global factors such as war helped contribute to more women in the workforce. Gender should not limit a person's opportunity to work nor should it have an effect on a person's wage. Women have fought ...view middle of the document...

Since most women are both workers and mothers, they are doing mixture of paid and unpaid work. Vietnamese women had to work in their husband's or other men's place while they were away at war. They had to balance responsibilities as daughters, wives, and mothers along with labor work. These responsibilities also held many women back from pursuing a further education past primary and secondary school education. "Therefore, only 2.7 percent of women went to colleges/universities compare to 4.2 percent of men" (Nguyen 2004). Men had a better chance to further their education when most women were restricted with the responsibility to stay home and watch over the family.An estimate of approximately 1,100,000 Vietnamese have migrated from Vietnam to the United States, over the past three decades. And estimates has shown half of the migrant population are women (U.S. Census, 2000). Research also shows there's an increase of immigrant women in the national labor force (Vernez 1999:1). More women are taking part in careers in business, technology, and teaching. A factor in this is due to housemaid and nanny occupations becoming more in demand as migrant populations are increasing. Many mothers had to leave their children behind with caretakers in order to find better paying work. For example, in "Love and Gold" by Arlie Russell Hochschild, Rowena Bautista is a single mother who moved abroad to work as a nanny. Women from third world countries move overseas to pursue careers as caretakers to improve their financial situations raising children from other families. These women become nannies for first world countries. Third world countries provide insufficient funds towards women in the same standing jobs as men. Women are offered less pay because of their gender. As they are increasing the number of women in the workforce, they are also unable to attend to their own children at home. Most often, mothers especially in the Philippines have to raise their children on their own. Even when husbands are around to help support the family it is not enough.In "Breadwinner No More," Michele Gamburd writes about the trade in traditional gender roles that occur in Sri Lankan. Gamburd believes due to the high unemployment in Sri Lankan, local poverty, and scarce job opportunities for men, many women have decided to migrate abroad to work (Gamburd 2003: 190).Husbands would stay at home to raise the children. Women end up becoming the breadwinners for their families. This upsets many people. Most villagers in Sri Lankan believe in traditional gender roles where women stay at home to care for the children while men are the breadwinners of the families (Ibid 2003: 190). Sri Lankan villagers are fixed on traditional views and did not want to accept men and women renegotiating gender roles.Society believe raising children is a woman's responsibility. As a result, children are passed onto be cared by relatives or hired maids while the mothers migrate overseas for work....

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