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Women's University In Africa Essay

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Addressing gender disparity and fostering equity in University Education

TITTLE OF ASSIGNMENT: Social Learning theory explains all learning and behaviour. Discuss?

PROGRAMME: BSc (Hons) Psychology

COURSE TITTLE: Human Learning and behaviour
DUE DATE: 14 April 2014

SESSION: Evening




Question: Social Learning Theory explains all learning and behaviour. Discuss

Learning is defined as any relatively permanent change in behaviour that occurs as a result of experience as noted by Robbins, (1998). Belkin and Gray (1997) defines learning as a change in the individual as a result of some intervention. Social learning theory as proposed by Bandura has a motive to explain socialisation and understanding its impact on human learning. The effect of the development of an individual as it emphasises on the societal molding rather than one’s mind and also considers the formation of one’s identity to be a learned response to social stimuli. Bandura illustrated that much learning occurs through the observation and imitation of models and that it can be maintained through reinforcement. However, social learning does not explain all learning as learning is also innate and instinctual.

While social learning theorists acknowledge that childhood experience is important, they also believe that the identity people acquire is formed more by the behaviour and attitudes of others. One of the most famous experiments performed by Bandura (1977) is the famous Bobo doll experiment. Children observed as adults modeled their violent or passive behaviour towards the doll, and this observation was found to influence the manner in which the children subsequently interacted with the dolls. Children who observed violent behaviour behaved violently toward the doll and those who watched the doll being played with also played with doll which clearly shows that learning and behaviour shown by children is mostly learned.

Watson (1913) postulates that learning is a sequence of stimulus and response actions in observable cause and effect relationships basing this on experiments studied of Pavlov on animal’s response to conditioning. They focused on observable behaviour trying to eliminate maladaptive and developing adaptive behaviour. Learning is considered an acquisition of a new behaviour as in classical conditioning, learning takes place through the process of temporal association of two events which are repeatedly together in time, fused and produce same response as alluded to by Comer (2004). Thus showing clearly that one can train and certain behaviour can be learned hence social learning results.


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