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Women's Water Polo: A Brutal Sport

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A once lesser known sport, water polo is slowly gaining popularity. A sport not for the faint of heart, both men and women’s water polo is an exhausting sport that requires heavy weightlifting and constant training. Even in the off-season, training is never easy. In the Olympics, water polo is known for its brutal underwater fights. In high school, we do not have the funding to capture these fights. Therefore, women’s water polo is one of the most physical and challenging high school sports.
With both a tough season and off-season, there seems to be no time for rest. With only a week of tapering (slowly decreasing physical exertion over period of time) before and after season, players ...view middle of the document...

When I got out of the water, my arms were bleeding and I had deep marks where she dug her nails into my shoulder”. I asked my friend Cody Casper (JV water polo and varsity swim) what he thought of the way ladies played. He replied, “You guys don’t play, you beat each other up! You get offended when another player seems to have skill, so you try to get back at them by punching and slapping.” Very true, Cody. I have personally been bit, kicked and punched. On the flip side, I am guilty of slapping, kicking and holding players. To prove how brutal the sport is without the nasty fights, the first rule of water polo is that if the referees can’t see it, the play is legal. So if you’re being held (to an extent, holding back or drowning is an ejection or major, depending on how severe) and you don’t catch the ref’s attention, it is legal. The next rule, which is a play off the first, is that if you don’t want your opponent to move, grab their suit and d don’t LET THEM MOVE.
Minus fights...

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