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Women Should Be Ministers Essay

2769 words - 11 pages

THESIS: Should women be permitted to lead religious worship, such as music; should women be permitted to be a pastor; should women be allowed to hold a high administrative office; should women be allowed to serve and care for others? Women are human beings, and all humans were created to serve each other; however, mankind may have culturally set barriers and limitations on women which would not benefit women to serve in certain roles.
I. Views of Women Ministers
A. Traditional View
B. Complimentarian -- Male Leadership
C. Pluralism
II. Biblical Examples of Women in Ministry
A. Miriam -- Minister of Worship -- Exodus 15:20
B. Deborah -- Judge and Prophetess -- Judges 4:4-5
C. Anna -- Lived in the Temple -- Luke 2:36-38
D. Phillip's four virgin daughters -- Prophetess -- Acts 21:9
E. Phoebe -- Church Leader -- Romans 16:1-2
III. Contributions of Women's Ministries in the World
A. Marcella (325-410) -- a teacher of Scriptures
B. Paula (347-404) -- assisted in translating the Bible to Latin
C. Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) -- exposed sin in great leaders
D. Argula von Grumback (1492-1563) -- defender of the Protestant Reformation
E. Margaret Fell (1614-1702) -- jail minister and missionary
F. Madam Guyon (1648-1717) -- wrote a Bible commentary
G. Barbara Heck (1734-1804) -- established Methodist Church in America
H. Catherine Booth (1829-1890) -- helped the poor
I. Joni Eareckson Tada (present) -- helped the disabled

IV. Challenges of Women Ministers
A. Finances
B. Emotions
1. Rejection
2. Hormones
C. Setting Priorities with Family
V. Ministry Roles that Women May or May not Best Fit Into
A. Worship Leader
B. Chaplain
1. Hospital
2. Jail
3. Military
C. Pastor / Evangelist
D. Administrator
E. Teacher
In conclusion, the number of female ministers is growing. More women are entering the ministry as worship leaders, pastors, church administrators, chaplains, and teachers. Should they be allowed to fill the various ministry positions? It should be dependent upon the location and culture of where the ministry is needed. If the culture accepts women ministers, the female should fill it. If the culture does not accept women ministers, the male should fill it. If no male is available, the female should fill the vacancy knowing that the challenges may become overwhelming at times. After all, both genders should educate, serve, and care for all people especially during difficult times.

This has been a controversial topic for hundreds of years. "The Faith Communities Today 2010 national survey of a fully representative, multi-faith sample of 11,000 American congregations found that 12% of all congregations in the United States had a female as their senior or sole ordained leader. The sects with the lowest percentage of female pastors were Free Methodist Church (1%) and Southern Baptist...

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