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Women During The Renaissance Essay

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Renaissance Women
During the Renaissance, women were not seen as educational or independent. The women of the Renaissance were the man’s shadow. They were regarded more for their delicacy and beauty rather than their intelligence. Their main role in life during that time was to marry, have children, and to take care of the household. Despite these facts, some women were able to break out of these statistics. I believe that these women of that time should be honored simply for the fact that they were ones who made a name for themselves, and not just by their looks. This is significant being that the fight for equality has been a long and treacherous one and some are not aware that it began way back in those times.
To our knowledge women were not then known to be intelligent- they held the work of their homes and nothing else. I will first explain how women were seen by men and what they were entirely valued for. After I have given the facts on that, I will explain the path to equality- how they came about doing so. Which was lead in part by women distributing their own literary works. I will give examples of works of the women that gave insight on how tough it really was for them and how they shouldn’t have been looked down upon.
In the text, “The Humanistic Tradition”, we are given the idea that women were only good for house tasks and were solely known for their beauty. Directly quoted, “Renaissance women’s occupation remained limited to service tasks, such as midwifery and inn keeping.” Once a woman married in the Renaissance, their opportunities would become limited because the man was considered superior. Women were looked so down upon it was believed that women were too slow and delicate to uphold the responsibility of raising male children.
Another text which detailed the thoughts and attitudes pertaining to women of the time was, “Italian Renaissance: Women of the Renaissance”. While reading this, I learned that women were owned by their parents and then given over to a man through marriage. If a woman never married, she was not considered independent. They lived under subjugation of a male relative. The fact that a woman was not allowed to be called independent if she had not married contains no logic. The only way that a woman could gain independence was when her husband passed and she inherited all of what was left. Being that this was the only way to gain a sense of independence, women strayed away from re-marrying to avoid losing their independence. It really makes no sense to me whatsoever- that a woman is not considered independent unless they have lived under the shadow of a man.
Christine De Pisan distributed her own literary works during those times. Her most read book was the “Book of the City of Ladies”. The book contained details on how women of those times were oppressed. Hanover College provided excerpts from the book. Christine harped on the fact that women did not know much because they weren’t involved in different...

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