Women Vs. Pericles’ Ideal Of Athenian Womanhood

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Throughout history, men have traditionally been perceived as superior and prevailing over women. Although women have held many different roles in society, women had always been considered inferior both physically and intellectually. Pericles, a general of Athens, gives his opinion of women’s role in society in his famous funeral speech. He first shows that he views women to be the weaker sex by stating, “…to those of you who will now be in widowhood, it will be all comprised in this brief exhortation. Great will be your glory in not falling short of your natural character”. He believes that naturally women are weak and vulnerable and that they must never be nothing more than that. He continues to give his opinion on women by lastly saying “…greatest will be hers who is least talked of among the men, whether for good or for bad.” He clearly lets us know that women are not to be seen, heard or talked about no matter what they have done or who they are. Pericles tries to make us understand that a woman that is nonexistent is the one who deserves the most glory. Pericles’ ideal of Athenian womanhood brings us to understand that in his opinion women were weak, nonexistent and vulnerable people in a society greatly guided by men’s wisdom. Even though many women did act just as Pericles described them to be, others refused to let men oppress or control them. Hera, Jocasta and Antigone are perfect examples of women that contradicted Pericles’ ideals of Athenian womanhood.
In the Iliad one of Homers’ greatest works women are often depicted not only as inferior to men but as objects of possession. The story begins with a dispute over Chryseis a daughter of a follower of Apollo who has been taken captive by Agamemnon as a war trophy. Agamemnon even goes as far as to say he will only give her up if he is given another prize. This kind of mentality is highlighted as normal when Achilleus tells Agamemnon that he will be compensated when they capture more women from Troy to which Agamemnon rebuttals by threating to take Achilleus’ war trophy and setting into motion the rest of the tale in The Iliad. This quick introduction shows how women are portrayed as far less beings than men. That is until Hera is introduced. Hera who is a goddess under Zeus is shown defying Zeus by aiding the Greek after Achilleus makes a plea to the gods about aiding Troy. Hera is also shown to argue with Zeus by using her ancestry as a way of showing how respected she should be even after Zeus tells her that she has no saying in the matter. She at one point even gets Zeus to back off when discussing strategies on how not to destroy Troy. Hera uses the best of her alliances to aid the Greeks and sabotage Zeus’ plans. With the help of another goddess Athena and a hero by the name of Diomedes, they are able to injure Ares the god of war and force him and the rest of the gods out of the battlefield to even the fight for the Greeks.
In the Iliad, a goddess’ actions are in the forefront but...

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