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Womens Rights In Cuba Essay

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When you think of women in history you know that women for a long time and some still today faced inequality. In Cuba, women have equal constitutional rights as men do. Present day for some of us we may think this is completely normal but for some countries it is not. Cuba, though, has one of the highest percentages of women in parliamentary seats at 48.9% of them. Although women do have this luxury of having equal rights when it comes to work seven out of every ten people that are unemployed in Cuba are women. Working women find that the strongest fields of work are in banking and working for Public Health. But how did Cuba gain this privilege?
Cuba in the early 1900’s the equality of ...view middle of the document...

Soon after the Cuban Revolution of 1959 the Federation of Cuban Women was established under the revolutionary government by Vilma Espin as their president. It was known by the Cuban government as “the national mechanism for the advancement of women in Cuba”. It helped that Espin was married to Raul Castro. What changes did the federation help with in Cuba?
In 1966 Fidel Castro came out in a speech asking for a million women to join the labor force. Women responded to this message and entered the work force only leaving again when the burden of family and worked because it was to difficult to balance at once. In the 1970’s Cuba worked to improve this by opening daycares and other services to help the balance. This lead to a major change which was the Family Code of 1975. In this code it says that working women were to have equal rights and responsibilities in the home and in state social services as men did. This lead to many adaptations to make it easier for families. For example cafeterias and health clinics.
The groups goal is to defend the Cuban Revolution. Since the 1990’s...

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