Womens Work Versus Males Work Essay

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Grint, K. (1998). The sociology of work (2nd ed.). Cambridge, UK: Polity Press.
• Labour was generally regarded as ‘mens’ or ‘womens’ work: Men participated in the heaviest and what was perceived to be the most skilled work, where as women undertook most of the household duties.
• The women raised children as an addition to their houseworking duties and responsibilities, compared to the fathers, where raising the children was a substitute for being involved with the household duties.
• Hierarchy of work existed, with men at the apex and were seen as superior and more ‘valuable’, women in the centre, so therefore were not seen as important as men, and then with children at the base.
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Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 26(1), 11-18.

• If paid work and caring work are combined, women on average work longer hours than males. Women also are the ones who make compromises necessary to fit paid work around the family, and therefore experience stress because of this.
• The stereotype is for women to be involved in the caring, non-physical jobs and it’s not as common for them to be in managerial positions, especially as the managers and supervisors of men.
• While women are over-represented in jobs involving nurturing, care and clerical work, men are over-represented in jobs involving money, management and machinery.
Write in full sentences to explain the relevance of article/book chapter to diverse whānau families in Aotearoa New Zealand. (200 words in total)

McLennan, G., McManus, R. & Spoonley, P. (2010). Work and economic life. In Exploring society: Sociology for New Zealand students. (3rd ed.). Auckland: Pearson Education New Zealand pp. 149-168.
• Most people define or believe work is something that people get paid to do, however it can also be indirect work such a gardening, looking after/maintaining the household and looking after the children. Mostly everyone ‘works’.
• Women tend to do work as an extension of their domestic responsibilities- looking after the children, cleaning, cooking even after a full days paid work. Women are more likely to be involved in jobs with inadequate pay, poor career prospects and little work satisfaction.
• Women are also still facing discriminatory barriers. In 2008, there was still a 17% income gap between men and women and also in order for women to gain jobs they have to...

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