Wonder Woman: An Ever Changing Inspiration

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“Born of clay, Galatae-like, to the Amazon Queen Hippolyta and given life by Aphrodite, the Amazon Princess abandons the all woman “Paradise Island” in her debut story, in order to become the savior of ‘Man’s World’” (Stanley 144). Among the popular American culture, Wonder Woman has changed more frequently then any other comic book character. Her ever changing figure comes from the the root of society, cultural, and economic circumstances of the time period but she has always held her position of being an Inspiration to women young and old.
Wonder Woman made her first debut during the great depression in the sunday “funnies.” Which was three years after the dawn of the superheroes. Wonder Woman proved popular enough to get her published spot in Detective Comics, also know as DC Comics. To Marston (a Harvard- trained psychologist), Wonder Woman was a personal creation. Even though over the years there has been many female super characters. Wonder woman has lasted the longest in pop-culture. Marston made Wonder Women out of ancient Greek Myths. Although she is an amazon, she possesses the power of Athena, beauty of Aphrodite, quickness of Mercury, and the strength of Hercules. Wonder Woman like another mythic figure, her identity is reproached and reimagined while retaining her recognizable core. Wonder Woman can be read on many levels and be spoken to a wide range of audience.
Wonder Woman changes often mirrored those faced by her “sisters.” Her changes reflect nothing more than the constant reformation of the American ideals of women. Wonder Woman, unlike any other character was created by an intellectual. Her attributes and attitude was purposeful, not for economic gain but as a social impact.
In 1968, Dc decide to move Wonder Woman to another dimension, stripped her of her powers and put her on work in a “mod” boutique. The independence of the character was gone. I-Ching became her mentor and guru. But this Diana was more interested in what to wear then who to fight. This idea was to make her more human and more inspirational. Along with...

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