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Wonder Woman And The Surprise Attack

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Wonder Woman aka Princess Diana was cooking lunch. She was going to meet with the Justice League at 1:00, so she needed to hurry. They just uncovered a big plan, the Secret Society of Super Villains was planning on destroying Lady Liberty. It was her job to find out the who was the leading the operation and how they were going to destroy Lady Liberty. It was 12:45, so she gobbled the rest of her pasta and hurried to the door as soon she opened the door, a flash of yellow and black knocked her to the floor. Her arch nemesis, Cheetah. Wonder Women tried to use her fast reflexes but cheetah was faster. Cheetah got on top of Wonder Woman, Pinned her to the ground and quickly grab her knife and put it centimeters from Wonder Womans neck.
“ You will not ruin my plan,” Said Cheetah.
“Oh really how are you planning on stopping me,” replied Wonder Woman.
“By destroying you,” said Cheetah. “When you are out of the picture there ...view middle of the document...

”Then we going to shoot a rocket at the white house and take over the United States. Then Cheetah cut the rope with her sharp nails and kicked wonder woman to the floor. Wonder Woman then trips Cheetah and tries to jump up but Cheetah dug her claws into her leg. Wonder Woman let out ear piercing scream and falls to the floor, cheetah then jumps up to grab her knife which is sitting on the cabinet next to the kitchen sink. Before cheetah could grab it Wonder Woman jumps up even though her leg is gushing blood, grabs cheetah by her arm, and throws her to the ground. Cheetah then uses her feline skills and rolls over to the side before Wonder woman could pin her down. Next Cheetah jumps up and knocks Wonder Woman down but when she ties to pin her down she trips over a broken lamp that fell down and falls. Thats when Wonder Woman makes her move and jumps up but she also trips over the broken lamp and falls down. Them Cheetah grabs Wonder Womans hair and Wonder Woman grabs Cheetah hair . They pull each other hair for a minute and then Cheetah scratches Wonder Womans face. Then Cheetah gets on top of her and about to choke her when superman flies in knocking cheetah off of Wonder Woman. Then Superman grabs cheetahs arms and ties her up extra tight, then checks if Wonder Woman is ok. Superman goes to the bathroom and gets some bandages to to bandage up Wonder Womans wounds. After Superman takes care of Wonder Woman Superman picks up the broken lamp and before he leaves Wonder Woman ask a question.Wonder Woman then asks “how he knew she was in trouble” Superman says “I just did” and flies back out the window.
Wonder woman takes Cheetah to the police but, knowing that she will eventually break out. Wonder Woman then flies to the Justice League's Headquarters and tells her story. Then Wonder Woman takes her Invisible airplane to a safe place hiding place so the Secret Society of Super Villains can’t get ahold of it. She then goes home so she can get a good nights sleep. The Justice League wants to meet with her tomorrow. Wonder Woman wonders what the justice league has in store for her tomorrow or who else might just show up at her door. The End.

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