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More often than not, most of us have probably been to a place wherein we feel uneasy, agitated, or even tensed. We are put into a seemingly uninviting environment that is totally new to us that we can't help but to want to escape from it as soon as we can. Homesickness as some people may call it, some of us tend to long for the things and the people we are accustomed to be surrounded with. But I guess it's just safe to say that this isn't always the case. Every once in a while, we come upon a place that right from that moment of encounter, it seizes our hearts and grabs our attention. A place that we can say instantly makes us feel at home. A place that is so welcoming that our first time to chance upon with it doesn't feel like the first one at all. And luckily for us, Cupertino Center was exactly that – it was able to seize our hearts, grab our attention, and make us feel like we've found home.

Stepping on Cupertino Center's grounds for the first time, I did not feel any sense of aloofness. The place suggests a very friendly atmosphere you don't really get when visiting any other schools. Being put up among the houses in the village of La Vista, Quezon City, Cupertino Center's location definitely serves its goal to become a home not only for the special children who are enrolled in their school, but also even to those who chose to devote their lives helping these precious kids. The serenity of the place brought about by nature and the cheerful aura that the place is clouded with make you forget about the suburban city in which the place is actually located in. With its walls and posts painted in green and yellow, the buildings that make up the school mimic its environment. Different species and sizes of trees can be seen planted here and there providing the cold breeze everyone can breathe in. Most of the land is covered with green grass which glitters when struck with the sun's bright light.

As you go around the place, you can notice how its structure does not veer away from that of an actual home. It consists of different rooms with their own individual purposes. Imagine an L-shaped house. The entrance door is located in the middle of the longer segment of the letter. As you walk to your left, you will see something like a “living room”, where all the visitors are warmly welcomed by whoever is available. This is the office, where the clienteles and even just visitors like us are entertained. The persons-in-charge here will attend to your questions and concerns with smiles on their faces. As you turn the other way and go along to your right, your eyes will lay upon different rooms that are dedicated to different activities. In a house, these rooms can be considered as parts that comprise one big entertainment area. One of the rooms is for arts and crafts. This is where the kids improve their artistic skills and where they are taught how to channel their creativity through colors, paintbrushes, and canvasses. When you observe the...

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